UEA E3i Animation Programme

The E3i Animation programme was a 4 day pilot event run at the University of East Anglia’s excellent media suite. The 9 participants were all PhD students from the EnvEast Doctoral Training Partnership.

We co-delivered the workshops with Michael Stiff from creative consultancy All is Flux. Michael is an animator who has also attended a previous infohackit event in Norwich. For two of the workshops we were joined by NUA lecturer, animator and film maker Robin Fuller.

On Day 1 we discussed student ideas and created storyboards.

On Day 2, Peter delivered an Adobe Illustrator training workshop, which helped the students prepare assets to animate.

On Day 3, Michael lead an Adobe After Effects workshop and we started to see the students’ work come to life

Two weeks and some hard work later, Day 4 was about completing the films, problem solving and ended with presentations and judging. The winning film was by Claire Powell and is shown below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUzXe54Hn_o&w=560&h=315]

“It was nice to think about communicating my research in a different way and produce something that might appeal to a wider audience. Before my PhD, I would always shy away from programmes like Illustrator and Photoshop because I thought they would be too complicated, but it turns out that I actually really enjoy using them.”

Relative Risk infohackit

The relative risk infohackit brought together academics from 5 Global Challenges Research Fund projects from 8 universities across the UK.

The teams were formed around 4 cross cutting themes across the 5 projects and included professional and student creatives who were given 7 hours to create their infographics.

For the first time, our teams worked towards a common output, a relative risk microsite also created on the day.